It’s 1989, and you wake up somewhere in Reno. While it is pretty weird to suddenly find yourself there, things otherwise seem fairly normal. For ‘89, that is. Commodore 64 machines, public access cable channels, and Metal on the radio. Not too bad!

You go for a stroll down the street, taking in the sights (and the Nevada sunshine). Strangely though, you begin to feel that things are somehow...different. Not like “alternate universe” different, but...almost as if 1989 and 202X met up one day and exchanged phone numbers. That sort of different.

Storefronts advertising SIM cards for (big) mobile phones...but they’re 5 1/4 floppies. Streaming music...but people are using individual radio frequencies and blank cassettes. Online multiplayer video games, on a huge network...but they’re all 8-bit.

“What’s going on here?", you ask yourself....

We don’t know either. All we know is, you’re in the world of 1-900. And, there’s no going back. But - we’re confident you won’t mind.

Now, go check out that sweet DeLorean. What’s that blasting from the stereo system?

The new tape from 1-900? Yeah - that's it.

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