Power MetalWave, From Present Day 1989.

Metal. '80s nostalgia. Retrogaming. Comic books. The growing existential threat of phones. Do they have nothing whatsoever to do with one another, as conventional (and boring) wisdom would suggest? Or…are these the perfect elements from which to create a new Band? According to
1-900 it’s the latter.

Guitarist & composer Brett Miller conceived of this novel melding of mediums after getting heavily into Synthwave (a type of music that sounds like '80s synth soundtracks, but is created by contemporary musicians).

But, where could Brett find another musician (one who loves Metal, the '80s, and weird plot lines as much as he does), to help him bring the “1-900 vision” to life? Turns out, he was sitting in a chair across from him every week! Enter DD Bass, a bass student of Brett’s, and the dude soon to become the other half of the Power Metalwave duo known as 1-900!

Dial “0”...For Destruction! is the first installment in the story of 1-900: a steampunk-esque saga set in a world of '80s technology. The story will continually unfold, with the release of more EPs, mini-comics, and game soundtracks.

Could there be line of toys in the mix? An animated series? Who knows? When 1-900 is involved...it's just crazy enough to work!

Two metal heads from the 'burbs of NY have embarked on a journey to combine their passions for Heavy Metal music and '80s pop culture. Led by Brett Miller - professional Guitarist and composer - and backed-up by DD on Bass, the band's music combines Power Metal, Progressive Metal, and Synthwave to tell the story of the 1-900 world. This steampunk-esque world, driven by the technology of the 1980s, is the backdrop of an exciting tale that pits the conquering Synchron warrior race against a band of unlikely heroes. Each song on the EP progresses the narrative of the story, but can also be listened to and enjoyed on its own.

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Character Bios

Brett Shredd


“Your call has been disconnected... permanently.” 

Favorite type of computer game:

Strategy Adventure  

After graduating from Metal Guitar Academy, Brett formed 1-900, the World’s first Power Metalwave band.

His life used to revolve around composing music. Now, it’s about composing a finale to The Operator, Modem, Open Source, and their diabolical plans - for good.

Building an army of freedom-loving 1-900-FAN-CLUB fighters is Shredd’s mission. Phone-imposed mind control? Not on this dude’s digital watch.

DD Bass


“This game is horrible, but the graphics are awesome!” 

Favorite type of computer game:

Platform Adventure 

After studying under the tutelage of Brett Shredd, DD was asked to join and play bass for 1-900.

A quiet individual by nature - other than the arguments he often has with RotoTom - DD relishes the role of bass player. He gets to contribute to the world’s first Power Metalwave band while still honing his skills and overcoming his fear of playing in public.

As an early-adopter of home computing, DD understands the evil intent and power wielded by The Operator...and has vowed to take him on!


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